The original free iPhone Solitaire game. Works with iPhone, iPhone 3G, or iPod Touch. No download required!

iPhone Solitaire Instructions
The object of this game is to pile all of the cards on the top four rectangles, one pile for each suit. The pile should begin with an Ace, and then have each card in progressively higher order, from 2 through King. To play, tap the card you'd like to move to highlight it yellow. Then, tap the card or stack where you'd like to place the card and it will move. You may move cards among the piles at the bottom, by placing a card on another card of opposite colored suit, and one card number higher. For example, a 3 of Diamonds (red) can be placed on a 4 of Clubs or a 4 of Spades (black). You may move a stack of cards at once by tapping the card at the bottom of the stack you want to move and then tapping the card on the pile you'd like to move it to. This will move as many cards as possible.
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